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Loesel's Twayblade
Liparis loeselii

Other common names: Bog Twayblade, Fen Orchid, Fen Orchis, Fen Twayblade

Other scientific names: Leptorchis loeselii, Ophrys loeselii

French names: Liparis de Loesel

Family: Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)

Group: Orchids

Distinctive features: Small bright green orchid in fens and bogs.

Similar species:
  •   European Common Twayblade (Neottia ovata) - much larger, not in bogs/fens.

Flowers: Summer;  Green/Brown;  Irregular flowers

Leaves: Alternate, Simple, Entire

Height: 15-20 cm (6-8 in)

Habitat: Wet Areas;  Fens and bogs.

Lifespan: Perennial.  

Books: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: 22    Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers: 372    ROM Field Guide to Wildflowers of Ontario: 94   

Native/Non-native: Native

Notes: This small orchid is easily overlooked in fens and bogs.

Photographs: 212 photographs available, of which 9 are featured on this page. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOGRAPHS.

Range Map is at the bottom of the page

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Nice view of a flowering plant with lots of flowers. Note how bright green the flowers are.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Showing the two leaves.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Another specimen with only a couple of flowers.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

A flowering plant alongside the dried up stalk from the previous year.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Closer view of a flower.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Very closeup view of a single flower.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Seed pods forming.

Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

Flower buds.

Range map for Loesel's Twayblade (Liparis loeselii)

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