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Yellow Loosestrife
Lysimachia terrestris

Other common names: Earth Loosestrife, Swamp Candles

Family: Primrose Family (Primulaceae), (Yellow Loosestrife Family (Myrsinaceae))

Group: Loosestrifes

Distinctive features: Spike of yellow flowers, growing in a wet area.

Flowers: Summer;  Yellow;  5 parts (petals);  Yellow, in a spike.

Habitat: Wet Areas;  Wet areas, usually in water.

Books: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: 266    Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers: 140    ROM Field Guide to Wildflowers of Ontario: 345   

Native/Non-native: Native

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Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

View of the whole plant.

Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

The spike of flowers.

Unopened flower buds are above the open flowers.

Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

Closeup of individual flowers.

Note this plant does not have as robust a spike as the plants featured above - just a few flowers.

Range map for Yellow Loosestrife (Lysimachia terrestris)

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