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Sweet White Violet
Viola blanda

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda) Other common names: Large-leaved White Violet

Other scientific names: Viola amoena, Viola incognita

French names: Violette agréable

Family: Violet Family (Violaceae)

Group: Violets

Similar species:
  •   Kidney-leaved Violet (Viola renifolia) - Leaves are kidney-shaped.

  •   Northern White Violet (Viola macloskeyi) - Flowers have a faint scent; grows in wetter conditions.

  •   Canada Violet (Viola canadensis) - Flowers much larger, with yellow throat.

Flowers: Spring;  White

Height: 10-30 cm (3-11 in)

Habitat: Forests

Grows in Sun/Shade: Shade

Books: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: 28   

Native/Non-native: Native

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Range Map is at the bottom of the page

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Sweet White Violet flower.

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Closeup view of Sweet White Violet flower. These flowers are actually quite small.

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Nice patch of Sweet White Violets.

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

Single plant.

Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

A Sweet White Violet beside a Common Blue Violet (Viola papilionacea) and a Showy Orchid (Galearis spectabilis) in the spring woods.

Range map for Sweet White Violet (Viola blanda)

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