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Pyrola elliptica

Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica) Other common names: Shinleaf Pyrola

French names: Pyrole elliptique

Family: Heath Family (Ericaceae), (Pyrola Family (Pyrolaceae))

Group: Pyrolas

Distinctive features: Leaves round with long petioles. Leaves are thinnest of the Pyrolas.

Flowers: Summer;  White;  5 parts (petals)

Leaves: Basal Only, Simple, Entire

Habitat: Forests

Grows in Sun/Shade: Shade

Books: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: 178   

Native/Non-native: Native

Photographs: 72 photographs available, of which 4 are featured on this page. SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOGRAPHS.

Range Map is at the bottom of the page

Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)

Shinleaf flowers showing the distinctive curled anther prtruding from the white flower.

Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)

Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)

Shinleaf flower buds.

Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)

The basal leaf rosettes of Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica).

Range map for Shinleaf (Pyrola elliptica)

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