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One-flowered Cancerroot
Orobanche uniflora

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora) Other common names: Ghost Pipe, Naked Broom-rape, One-flowered Broom-rape

Other scientific names: Anoplanthus uniflorus, Aphyllon uniflorum, Aphyllon uniflorum, Orobanche purpurea, Thalesia uniflora

French names: Orobanche uniflore

Family: Broom-rape Family (Orobanchaceae)

Distinctive features: Small plant with a single white nodding flower and no leaves.

Flowers: Summer;  White;  5 parts (petals)

Leaves: None

Books: Newcomb's Wildflower Guide: 172   

Native/Non-native: Native

Origin and Meaning of Names:
 Scientific Name: uniflora: one-flowered

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One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

A nice pair of One-flowered Cancerroot plants.

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

Closer view of a flower.

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

Closeup of one flower. As the common name implies, each plant produces only one flower.

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

These plants have no leaves. They obtain their nutrients from decaying plant matter and fungi.

One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

One-flowered Cancerroot flower bud.

Range map for One-flowered Cancerroot (Orobanche uniflora)

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