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Campions can be confusing to identify properly!

In particular, Night-flowering Catchfly (Silene noctiflora) and White Campion (Silene latifolia) can be tricky to tell apart. A key differentiator between these two species are the number of styles in the flower. Night-flowering Catchfly (Silene noctiflora) has three styles, whereas White Campion (Silene latifolia) has five. Night-flowering Catchfly (Silene noctiflora) is said to be sticky whereas White Campion (Silene latifolia) is not. However, Peterson's Field Guide to Wildflowers states that both species are sticky, but that Night-flowering Catchfly (Silene noctiflora) is more so.

Red Campion (Lychnis dioica) presents another problem. According to both the Newcomb's and Peterson's books its scientific name is Lychnis dioica. Yet is difficult to find any information on that name.

Compounding the identification problem for Campions is that lately various species have been reclassified from Silene to Lychnis.

On this website I have chosen for simplicity to take the approach seen in both Peterson's and Newcomb's field guides, for better or worse. It may not be 100% accurate in current scientific terms, but it will do for now.

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