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Mystery Plants - 2009
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(#2009-01 to #2009-03)

This could be a variety of Hairy Goldenrod, Solidago hispida var huronensis, a smooth variety of this species
BUT the flower heads don't look to be the right shape.

CONFIRMED as Solidago hispida var huronensis

Here's a ruler held against a flower head.
Underside of lower leaf (it's smooth)
Detail of lower leaf joining stem. The stem is slightly ridged.
Underside of lower leaf with tape measure
A whole plant. They are about 12-16" tall.
Closer view of flower heads.
Closeup of one flower head.

View of the whole plant. There's no stem leaves.

I believe this to be one of the species of Yellow Flax, either Linum medium or Linum sulcatum , but I don't know which, or maybe even some other species?

These plants were found in sandy soil on the west side of the road opposite the Oliphant Fen boardwalk on the Bruce Peninsula.
Closeup of the flowers.

The basal rosette.

Another plant from the Oliphant Fen area on the Bruce Peninsula. This species also occurs in other parts of the Bruce Peninsula, such as Dorcas Bay.

This one has puzzled me for a few years!
A typical leaf.
There's a cluster of small pale yellow flowers at the top of a leafy stem.
Closer view of the flowers.