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The Monday Garden
Joe Pye Weed: A Great American

Issue No. 22 - August 25, 2002
by Sue Sweeney


In “The Monday Garden” this week is another local wildflower. As some of you know, I'm photographing Stamford’s common wildflowers to create a reference guide. When I get a photo really like of a favourite flower, I’ve included it in “In My Garden”.

This week, I’d like to share an All-Time Great American, the Joe Pye Weed, photographed here for sale at a local nursery, Designs by Lee. This North American native, which is found from Iowa and New Hampshire to Georgia and Oklahoma, likes low, swampy ground in sun or part sun. Joe Pye Weed usually grows 2í to 6í but some varieties with plenty of sun and water can reach an astounding 10 feet. (See, I told you itís "great"!) It blooms in late summer through early fall.

It’s a member of the boneset clan in the Composite Flower family (all family members have daisy-like flowers). Yarrow is a foreign relation.

I chose the photo taken at the nursery because it’s nice to see local gardeners getting the option of buying tough, drought-tolerant ingenious plants, which are, by the way, semi-deer proof.

From The Monday Garden. Copyright © by Sue Sweeney. Reproduced with permission. 

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