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The Monday Garden
Queen Anne's Lace

Issue No. 18 - July 28, 2002
by Sue Sweeney


Good Sunday Evening/ Monday Morning.

Since you liked the "Common" Fleabane so much, "In My Garden" this week is another wildflower. I particularly like the ones that grow in the cracks in the sidewalk, along the roadsides and in the parking lots, reclaiming the land from so-called civilization. Queen Anneís Lace is a champion "street" flower. Here it is at the edge of a run-down parking lot in 95-degree mid-day heat:

Queen Anneís Lace is a European member of the parsley family, which also includes carrots, angelica, and hemlock. With a long taproot to store water, it can be the only August bloomer in a bad drought. In the garden, Queen Anneís tends to get tall (3 to 5 feet) and abundantly self-seeds. However, in the right spot itís wonderful and carefree (except for pulling up the seedlings). In the house, itís great as a cut flower and in dried arrangements.

From The Monday Garden. Copyright © by Sue Sweeney. Reproduced with permission. 

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